Fremont, CA (February 26, 2018) - hãng today announced the ZenFone Max Plus M1, the first model in the new ZenFone Max Series. The ZenFone Max Plus M1 is the first smartphone with a 5.7-inch full-view display in an amazingly compact body toàn thân that"s no larger than many standard 5.2-inch smartphones. With its expanded viewing area, compact size, dual rear cameras, convenient face- and fingerprint-recognition security, và a high-capacity 4130mAh battery — the hallmark of the ZenFone Max Series — the ZenFone Max Plus M1 offers a class-leading combination of features designed to encompass all life"s adventures. The ZenFone Max Plus M1 has the stamina to lớn go the distance, and lets photo-lovers see the bigger picture with a wider range of creative options — all in a stylish metal design that"s ergonomic and comfortable lớn hold.

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Introducing the new ZenFone Max Series The new ZenFone Max Series is now a dedicated range of high-capacity smartphones.

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Previous generations of individual ZenFone Max models have become the company’s best-selling smartphones, with ZenFone Max, ZenFone 3 Max, ZenFone 4 Max and ZenFone 4 Max Pro achieving a combined sales volume of around 5 million units. The new ZenFone Max Series will include variants with different display sizes và system-on-a-chip (SoC) processors, but the hallmark of the range will be high-capacity, long lasting batteries.

Max Display The FHD+ 5.7-inch full-view display in the ZenFone Max Plus M1 has a 18:9 aspect ratio & ultrathin bezels that give it an 80% screen-to-body ratio. This allowed our engineers khổng lồ craft an amazingly compact and ergonomic body toàn thân that"s no larger than most standard 5.2-inch smartphones.The greatly expanded viewing area makes viewing photos & watching widescreen videos incredibly immersive, và when browsing the website there"s less need for scrolling. Multitasking is also easier, as two apps fit comfortably side-by-side on the screen.The slim and elegant size, premium metal finish và 2.5D-curved front edges of the ZenFone Max Plus M1 make it exceptionally comfortable khổng lồ hold, with significantly less bulk than a standard 5.7-inch phone. It"s available in Moonlight Black and Azure Silver.

Max Photos With the ZenFone Max Plus M1, photo lovers can enjoy
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