Turning on the iPhone 6 flash supports users a lot of different jobs. It is like a flashlight for us lớn light our way, find objects in the dark, or you can turn on the iPhone 6 flash lớn light up your friends khổng lồ take pictures at night.

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Flash on Smartphone, in addition to supporting photography, is also a flashlight when needed. With iPhone 6, users are supported with a very strong Flash on the side of the Camera. Turning on the Flash is also very simple, no need khổng lồ be in photo mode, you can still use the Flash. How to turn on the iPhone 6 flash to help light the way in the dark, find falling objects, create light when taking photos or immerse yourself in a music festival, a football game with bright Flash. Watch now how lớn turn on flash on iphone 6 lớn use when needed.

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