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Inserting special characters, symbols, & glyphs

Premium feature

The revamped Insert character docker makes it easy to find và insert special characters, symbols, và glyphs (variations of individual characters or character combinations) of OpenType fonts.


1) các mục of most recently used special characters

5) Character & glyph list

2) Font list box

6) OpenType feature indicator

3) Character filter các mục box

7) Description area collapsed (left) & expanded (right)

4) Show all glyphs button



All characters, symbols, và glyphs included in a phông are displayed by default, but you can filter character subsets to lớn display only the characters you want. For example, you can display only currency symbols or numbers, or you can display only Cyrillic characters and symbols.

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Characters included in a phông are organized in the following categories:

Common — includes arrows, currency, mathematical symbols, numbers, punctuation marks, and separators as well as CJK symbols and punctuation marks (used in Asian scripts)
Scripts — includes the scripts that the selected phông supports, such as Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Hiragana & Katakana, Han, Arabic, or Hebrew scripts
OpenType — includes the OpenType features provided by the selected phông such as standard ligatures, discretionary ligatures, fraction, alternate annotation forms, & more. For more information about OpenType features, see Working with OpenType features.
OpenType fonts

The Insert character docker is ideal for viewing và applying the OpenType features provided by OpenType fonts. The mặc định view shows a danh sách of characters in which the glyphs for individual characters appear grouped. Alternatively, you can display a longer list that shows available glyphs at a glance.

Viewing character position

Each selected character appears against a mix of blue lines that let you preview its position in relation lớn the text baseline.


Most recently used special characters

You can use the các mục of most recently used special characters lớn copy characters that you use often. The menu retains the fonts attributes of most recently used characters and any OpenType features that were applied. You can manage the các mục by removing characters that you no longer need.

To add a special character, symbol, or glyph
, click where you want to địa chỉ the special character.
Click Text
Insert character.
If you cannot find the character you want, xuất hiện the Character filter list box, and enable the Entire font kiểm tra box.
Using the Pick tool
, drag a character to the document window.
Click the arrow button
at the bottom of the Character & glyph list to view any of the following attributes that are applicable: character name, ID, Unicode number, keyboard shortcut for inserting the character, the OpenType feature name, & the language for glyphs that can be displayed properly only in a specific language.
To zoom in & out in preset increments, click the zoom buttons khổng lồ the right & left of the Zoom slider.

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Click in the Character và glyph list, hold down Alt, & type the alt code for the character you want.
Open the Character filter list box, & enable the kiểm tra boxes for the character subsets that you want lớn display.
Open the Character filter các mục box, và in the OpenType area, enable any of the check boxes for the available OpenType features.
To display a các mục that includes grouped glyphs, make sure that the Show all glyphs button
does not appear pressed. To lớn view all glyphs in a group, click a character, and then click the OpenType feature indicator. Click a glyph to display it in the Character and glyph list.

Left: The OpenType feature indicators below individual characters show that more glyphs are available. Right: When the Show all glyphs button (1) is pressed, you can see available glyphs at a glance.

Some glyphs provided by OpenType features vary depending on the context in which they appear và cannot be shown in the Insert character docker. You can view and insert such glyphs in the document window by using the Interactive OpenType option. For more information, see to lớn enable the onscreen OpenType feature indicator.

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