Established in 2001 by founders with deep experience in trading agriculture products, Phuc Sinh Corp, formerly Phuc Sinh International Ltd., had grown to lớn be a đứng top agriculture products exporter, committed to lớn the belief that quality is our most valuable treasure.

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Phuc Sinh Daklak

Our factories are the most advanced processing lines. We established and complied with chất lượng management và food safety management systems, so that we process & deliver the food safety and high unique products, which meet customers’ strict requests. Our factories are certified BRC, HACCP, ISO 9001:2015.

Phuc Sinh Son La

Son La currently grows about 20,000 ha of Caltimor Arabica coffee, which provides the largest & most stable output of Arabica in Vietnam. Located at an altitude of 600-1400m above sea level và having similar soil và climate like Da Lat, or in some areas lượt thích Brazil, Son La Arabica has very good quality, sweet taste và many incense. Households in Son La increasingly focus on processing Arabica coffee better with mainly wet processing method

Phuc Sinh Coffee


Conveying a reasonable, quality mug of espresso

As one of the main green espresso beginning exporters on the planet, with all year presence in beginning, we serve practical & detectable espresso that upholds makers and joys espresso darlings all over the planet, consistently.

We don’t take the expression “dark gold” softly. With a homestead màn chơi obtaining network oversaw in-beginning by our pepper specialists và two domains in Vietnam, we can guarantee supply unique and tác phẩm security from field khổng lồ processing plant.

From entirely gentle khổng lồ red hot intensity, our complete portfolio incorporates the biggest determination of chiles to địa chỉ credible flavor, changing degrees of intensity & splendid variety khổng lồ food and refreshment items.

With seed to lớn plant the executives in the American Southwest & rancher connections in India & Mexico, we offer the broadest scope of red, green và specialty chiles in different configurations.

We are the just completely coordinated organization in most major creating và handling beginnings.

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Across Asia & Africa, we have in excess of 15 cashew handling and bundling offices, a considerable lot of which are HACCP and BRC-confirmed, empowering full detectability lớn worldwide norms.

Our cashew showcasing workplaces incorporate the USA, Europe, Dubai, India, australia and Singapore. Lớn supplement our contributions, we offer modified esteem added choices, for example, merchant oversaw stock administrations.

Also called “cassia,” our organic cinnamon is from the inner bark of trees grown in Vietnam and Indonesia, then we process the bark at our facility in Vietnam.

Anise powder is ready by finely crushing dried anises. It is utilized as a flavoring for a wide range of meat as well as dishes with meat, as broiled meat and tacky rice cakes. Anise powder (is likewise realized flavor powder) of the Vianco is an indivisible fixing from the five-enhancing powder. Additionally, it is a fixing in hamburger cooked and noodles.
Gourmet expert’s Choice Certified Organic Desiccated Coconut – Finely Shredded is essentially dried & ground holding all the normal flavor & smell of the coconut tissue without the utilization of sugars. Natural parched coconut is liberated from additives, sulfur and cholesterol. It is likewise high in fiber và extremely flavorful.
Naturally filled in India by our rancher accomplices, our turmeric is the ideal wellbeing radiance element for food và drink items.
Fixings: 100 percent Organic trắng rice with basis 5 NO: No substance manures. No pesticides. No additives, dyes, enemies of termites. Dislike hereditarily altered. Try not to lớn blend.
ADDRESS PHUC SINH CORPORATION 238 - 240 Vo Van Kiet, Cau Ong Lanh Ward, District 1, Ho bỏ ra Minh City, Vietnam