When we bởi some troubleshooting related to duytanuni.edu.vn adapters, driver version of adapters & system info of your computer are very necessary. In this article, we will introduce how to kiểm tra these information.

Bạn đang xem: How to find suitable driver for my network adapter

Part 1. Driver version

1. Right clickThisPCand then go toManage. (If there is no “ThisPC”on the desktop, searchDeviceManagerfrom search box.)


2. ClickDeviceManager. Find the duytanuni.edu.vn adapter underNetworkAdapters. Right clickProperties.


3. ClickDrivertab và you will seedriver version.


Part 2. System Information

1. PressWin+Rkey.

2. Input đầu vào “msinfo32”in theRunwindow.


3. System information screen will pop up.


Get lớn know more details of each function & configuration please go toDownload Centerto tải về the manual of your product.

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