Finding a computer that packs enough power for your needs but is also portable can be challenging. & that’s exactly why ProBook laptops have become a popular choice over the past few years. Plus, with so many options available, you can find one that can handle the tasks you have now & still fit you well into the future.

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Another defining feature is the fact that they can be used for a number of purposes. While they’re great for business purposes, you can also customize them into gaming computers that feature a super-stylish design.
Some of the most popular models available are the ProBook 445 and ProBook 430, but there are other models that you can customize lớn your needs.
Before you make the decision to lớn purchase an ProBook, you need to lớn make sure you’re choosing the best model for you. Each one comes with certain specifications that may be more suited to your needs than others. For example, some are convertible và can be used as a tablet, which is useful if you need lớn give presentations or you’re involved in any design work.
The ProBook 445 notebook PC offers a reasonable price for a powerful laptop that can be used for a number of purposes. The greater ProBook series is incredibly diverse in terms of specifications, & this is a good place khổng lồ start if you want power nguồn without compromising on your budget.
Its aesthetic design is meant to impress, with a natural silver finish & crisp lines. Even while looking good, it still also manages lớn be durable and includes a long battery life so you can take it to your next meeting without worrying about losing power.
It’s also customizable so you can find the right balance of power and price that works for you. Whether you need khổng lồ have a number of apps open at once or you use demanding software, the AMD Ryzen™ quad-core processors can handle it.


Starts with 4GB of memory14-inch High Definition displayWindows 10 trang chủ with an upgrade khổng lồ Pro available

2. ProBook 470 notebook PC & x360 notebook PC

This version of the ProBook has work in mind. With increased security features including multi-factor authorization and a fingerprint reader, you can rest assured that your files will be safe from bad actors.


You also have the option khổng lồ make this an x360 model, which allows you lớn be flexible with the orientation of your screen. Whether you want lớn use it in tablet mode or as a traditional laptop, the ProBook 470 notebook PC has the hardware you need to lớn impress your clients & your boss. Audio Boost and Noise Cancellation for video calls4G LTE availabilityMultiple ports for easy connections

3. ProBook 640 notebook PC

A slim kiến thiết defines the ProBook 640 notebook PC, which is meant khổng lồ look good while delivering power và durability. The G4 series’ screens have increased readability for those days when you know you’ll be tied lớn your computer. Each device in this series has been tested for 120,000 hours, too, so you know it will survive even the worst commute.

Redesigned lightweight bodyEasy docking8GB RAM with options for customization

4. ProBook x360 435 G8 notebook PC

With 14 hours of battery life, your computer won’t die in the middle of a presentation, & 16GB of memory means that your máy tính xách tay is well-equipped to lớn handle a number of applications running at once. Once you’re done with work and you’re ready lớn play, the intel UHD Graphics 620 card helps you khổng lồ switch over lớn gaming with ease.
13.3-inch screenLightweight at 3.28 lbsAdditional SD card expansion slots

Complete đánh giá of ProBook máy tính family

If you want a máy tính xách tay that looks as professional as the work you do, the ProBook is the right option. With a brushed aluminum finish và well-defined corners, one of the benefits of choosing an business laptop is the fact that you have a combination of functionality, durability, và design. You can be confident that your next presentation can look even better because your computer looks sleek as well.
Of course, how a device looks is not the only consideration, because it should be durable enough khổng lồ handle a long commute or working on-the-go. The ProBook has this covered, too, with a spill-resistant keyboard and number pad. It has also gone through nearly endless hours of testing, so you can be confident it will be safe during your next business trip.

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Where the ProBook really shines is in its functionality. A wide-body design makes it easy to lớn spend long hours typing without strain, và the responsive can handle tasks requiring a delicate touch. The also includes features lượt thích three-finger swiping, pinch-to-zoom, và object rotation, which can be helpful for numerous applications.
You can find the ProBook in a number of sizes lớn fit your needs. The 13-inch kích cỡ is great for those who want a smaller work computer that packs a lot of nguồn but can be easily transported. However, you may want lớn consider larger sizes if you work with graphics or plan khổng lồ play games on it. All ProBook models also feature anti-glare LED screens, which helps make images look better with 67% sRBG (standard Red Green Blue).
One of the biggest considerations you may have when choosing a work computer is whether it’s compatible with other devices. If you need khổng lồ connect lớn projectors, external drives, or a docking station, then it’s essential khổng lồ have the right ports. ProBooks typically come with three USB 3.1 ports. Since most tech devices now offer USB support, it’s good khổng lồ know that your new computer will be compatible with any additional hardware you need. Some models, such as the ProBook 430, include a USB port specifically designed for display purposes. HDMI ports are also included in all fixed-frame models.
If you mô tả files often or work with larger files like images, you’ll love the included SD thẻ slot. This feature provides you with immediate access lớn files without having to lớn store them on the cloud or an additional hard drive.
When you have a job lớn do, you need to lớn know that your computer is up lớn the task. This is especially true for applications that require more nguồn from your laptop, particularly when you have to switch between one task and another. Considering how small & sleek the ProBook is, you’ve got more than enough power in addition khổng lồ the opportunity add more through customization if you need it.
Most ProBooks include either the 8th Generation Intel vi xử lý core i5 or i7 processor. This is Intel’s most powerful processing family yet, & the 8th Generation is built to lớn handle heavy-duty tasks. You also don’t have lớn worry about any crashing thanks lớn the 8MB cache and four cores available on most models. For the price, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better device that can provide the nguồn you need for performing complex tasks.
Most ProBooks also feature the intel UHD Graphics 620 card. This can make a big difference in quality for your projects, especially if you work in any size of truyền thông media or design. It’s also ideal for those who may want khổng lồ use their laptop for other purposes, such as gaming.
A major benefit of ProBooks is that they also offer a longer battery life than many other similar devices you can find on the market. For example, the ProBook 430’s battery lasts up khổng lồ 14 hours. That’s plenty of time away from your power adaptor without having to worry about your device crashing when you are about khổng lồ give your presentation. ProBooks are also fast-charging, so you can get back khổng lồ work after plugging it in for 30 minutes.
Most ProBooks come with Windows 10 Pro, which is the standard operating system for most business laptops. Windows 10 Pro comes with a whole host of tools và security features lớn help you make your time at work more efficient. Also, an warranty of 1 year is included, và it covers labor costs và standard part replacements. You can also get additional coverage with an optional Care Pack for your ProBook. ProBooks are designed to lớn help you perform at your best. With plenty of power, a sleek design, và the opportunity lớn customize, this laptop will hold up for years in & outside of the office.

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