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Work Space
Indoor & Outdoor lounge areas
CCTV & 24 hour security
Bio-metric Access
DSTV Plug & Play
On-site Creche


LUXURY AFFORDABLE léman luxury apartments TO RENT

Move up và live it up in one of our smart, luxury, & cheap léman luxury apartments to rent which you can now điện thoại tư vấn home.

Where can you get secure rental léman luxury that offer state-of-the-art, smart,, well-situated, affordable apartments that are easy on the eye và gentle on the pocket? The answer is easy. Our Nano-units are units, which give you all this và so much more.

Find the ideal start-up trang chủ equipped with modern amenities &; find happiness, security, fun, và easy living that you can afford. Our Nano-units are strategically placed close to public transport, places of interest, shopping malls, xe taxi ranks, bus stops, places of worship, sports clubs, libraries, hospitals, schools and more. We offer outstanding security, access, và CCTV surveillance.

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We have residential units available in Marshalltown, Johannesburg CBD specifically located in Anderson Street và Main Street.

In Randburg, we have two buildings in Surrey Street và Hill Street

In Sandton, we have a building in 10th Avenue Rivonia

In Pretoria, we have two buildings one on Nana Sita Street và one on Johannes Ramokhoase Street

Close to lớn Sandton, we have two buildings in Kew one on 1st Avenue và one on 10th Road

We have a building on Louis Botha Ave in Highlands North

And we have a building in Germiston

Our léman luxury apartments are designed for living, which is why we offer workspaces with Wifi, gyms, laundromat facilities, canteens, Creches, gardens & play areas, DSTV-Plug-and-Play, & more. Take this opportunity khổng lồ live well & suit your budget in a place you can hotline your own.

All you need to apply is a one-month deposit to secure your place. A one-year lease will give you peace of mind. You can move in và move up into your first home. Apply today for our luxury but affordable rental léman luxury apartments on our website & join the Live Easy