There are hundreds of thousands of apps on the Google Play Store, và many are games. In fact, games are so popular that it"s the first tab you see when you xuất hiện the app.

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If you"re looking for the best games available on the Google Play Store, you"ve come to the right place. To lớn make it easy to lớn find, we"ve divided this các mục into eight categories, which you can find in a handy jumplist that will take you directly to lớn the page of your choice.

Whether you"re new lớn Android và need some fresh, new games to start building out your Google Play library or simply looking for the latest trendy games that are worthy of your time và attention, these are the best apk games you can find right now.

We update this menu whenever a new trò chơi comes out worthy of being added lớn this list, so you"ll always know about the latest & greatest games. It was last updated on December 23, 2021_ with Piffle.

Often defined by what they"re not, action games can take many forms. Between rhythm, runners, arcade shooters, and heaven knows what else, the fun never has khổng lồ stop with these action-packed games!


Watch out, world, there"s a new điện thoại rhythm trò chơi in town, & it"s got something that much of the competition doesn"t have: fully licensed, contemporary, & classic hits from across decades of modern music. All your favorite 80s hits? They"ve got "em. Early 2000s emo classics? You know they"ve got those in spades. Absolute bops from artists like Doja Cat, Sia, Lady Gaga, The Weeknd, & even Lynrd Skynrd? Yup, the gang"s all here.

Beatstar features a massive music roster across genres and sets them to Guitar-Hero-style rhythm gameplay. Notes fall from the top of the screen on a register, và you tap and slide lớn the beat. Perfect hits will increase your score, and total misses can send you totally packing. There"s a nice range of difficulty here so that Beatstar can appeal khổng lồ casual & hardcore players alike.

The downside is that Beatstar"s monetization is pretty unforgiving. Once you start to surpass about cấp độ 2 in the rankings, this free-to-play title quickly becomes an awful grind khổng lồ unlock new songs—unless you"re willing khổng lồ pay, of course. This probably won"t be an issue lớn casual players who play a couple of songs a day, but dedicated players may find the không tính phí version too restrictive in the long run.

All told, Beatstar is a beautifully produced rhythm trò chơi with excellent chơi game and hundreds of licensed songs that virtually anyone can enjoy. It"s a superb game, and it could easily stay on your phone for a very long time if you"ve got the beat.


Time your taps perfectly to the beat of hundreds of killer songs in Beatstar.

Crash Bandicoot: On the Run!

Crash Bandicoot: On the Run! brings one of the most beloved faces of early console gaming khổng lồ mobile. Less platformer & more endless runner, On the Run! is a perfect time-suck thanks khổng lồ its quick levels và simple crafting loop. Play as Crash & Coco as they once again take on Dr. Neo Cortex"s army of mutants!

Run your way through levels using side-steps, slides, jumps, và spins khổng lồ avoid obstacles and gain wumpa fruit & items needed for crafting. Collection runs are potentially endless and are your main opportunity khổng lồ stockpile items you"ll need to prepare nitro-infused bombs và serums that you"ll need for Battle Runs. There are minions & bosses sprinkled throughout the game, & you"ll continue lớn unlock new areas & enemies as you progress.

The most annoying part of On the Run! is the bevy of microtransactions, but what else would you expect from the makers of Candy Crush Saga? The IAPs are easy enough to lớn ignore, though, & you can make plenty of progress without ever spending a dime. As an added help, you can choose lớn watch an ad after a run & double your rewards. This is limited per day, though, so use your ad wisely.

Crash Bandicoot: On the Run!

Power through Dr. Cortex"s gauntlet of baddies in this new endless runner from Candy Crush Saga"s makers.

Cytus II is a fabulous di động rhythm game. Rhythm games typically don"t take much explanation lớn understand, và by & large, Cytus II falls into that category as well. Taking on the role of various talented DJs, you"ll play through their respective charts, gaining experience & unlocking more charts along the way. There are four difficulty settings for each track, starting at easy & going all the way up lớn "glitch." Using only your thumbs, your task is to lớn hit notes, crescendos, và sequences in time lớn the beat. Of course, the amount of notes you miss or nail contributes to your score, and you get a grade at the kết thúc of each attempt at a song. But, as I said, it"s not a complicated premise.

Where Cytus II excels, though, is in the unique and variety of its music, its excellent touchscreen controls, its rad style, và in how there"s an interesting story tucked into the margins around the gameplay. I won"t give too much away, but you"ll see central mystery unraveling around a handful of main characters that tie into the broader setting of the fascinating future that is Cytus.

There are tons of extra tuy vậy packs & additional DJs that you can purchase (or they"re all miễn phí if you have Play Pass). Unfortunately, they can also wrack up quite a hefty price tag, so watch those microtransactions carefully. The later difficulty levels are very challenging, but the trò chơi eases you into things with the easy and lower cấp độ hard modes. Mastering a track feels fantastic, và I"ve already spent weeks obsessed with this engaging game. The base version is only $1.99, so give it a try!

Cytus II

Cytus II is a mobile rhythm trò chơi that has perfected its craft with stellar gameplay, incredible soundtracks, và a great story. With tons of extra nội dung to keep you playing, this one can become your new addiction for sure.

Do you miss the 80s? Buddy, you & me both. The films, the video clip games, the fashions?! I"ll take all of that back, please và thank you. Enter Huntdown, a wonderfully, painfully 80s-styled kích hoạt platformer for mobile. Taking place in an apocalyptic future where society has broken down, & rival gangs vie for control against each other & the corporations that have replaced government, Huntdown lets you take control of 3 optional protagonists: Anna Conda, John Sawyer, and Mow Man, each of whom has their own special weapons lượt thích kunai or throwing axes.

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Hired by a shadowy figure known as Wolfmother, you"re tasked with clearing out some of the most heinous gang leaders in the thành phố by any means necessary. Along the way, you"ll pick up gobs of fun weapons, ranging from submachine guns to pistols, & all the way to lớn electric guitars, to blast & smash your way through the hordes. Packed with graffiti, mohawks, motorcycles, and bathed in a perpetual neon glow, it"s hard not lớn get sucked into the atmosphere Huntdown lays down.

The first two levels are không lấy phí (with no ads, by the way) as a demo, và after that, it"s $8.99 khổng lồ unlock the entire game. There are đôi mươi levels of delightful mayhem in Story Mode, which you can follow up with a neverending Arcade Mode lớn see how high you can drive your score. This excellent, high-quality trò chơi is well worth that nine bucks, và I would highly recommend it khổng lồ all lovers of action games.


Unapologetically "80s and even less apologetically high-octane action, Huntdown is the fast-paced kích hoạt platformer of your Contra dreams.

Developed by the team behind Cytus II và Deemo, there are some high expectations attached lớn Implosion: Never thua Hope, & I"m delighted lớn report that this game delivers. Intuitive touchscreen controls và a great UI make this native điện thoại title a joy to play on its trang chủ turf. A virtual joystick controls your movement, and virtual buttons control your combat actions in a system that is easy to lớn understand. It"s still more fun to fine-tune if you"re willing to lớn put a little more finesse into it beyond simple button-mashing.

The story is typical sci-fi fare và nothing amazing, but the good graphics, fun gameplay, và fully voice-acted cast make this a ride well-worth taking. The first few levels are free to play as a demo, & after that, the full trò chơi can be unlocked for a scant $1.99. That"s a serious steal for a game as high chất lượng as this. If high octane kích hoạt is what you"re looking for, then your tìm kiếm ends with Implosion: Never thua trận Hope.

Implosion: Never thua trận Hope

A stylish sci-fi hack-n-slash experience, Implosion features full voice acting, great graphics, & addictive chơi game to keep you coming back for more.

My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge is a brand new sản phẩm điện thoại installment in the My Friend Pedro series. After the success of the original My Friend Pedro on PC and consoles a few years ago, it"s a delight to see the devs bringing their particular brand of frantic kích hoạt to Android.

You play as an unnamed, masked man armed with a couple of guns và some serious parkour skills. For reasons unknown, you"re helping a floating, talking banana recover his kidnapped family from a variety of gangs và ne"er-do-wells through sheer brute force. The control scheme in Ripe for Revenge is fascinating—rather than walk or run, your only movement options are jumps và a short horizontal dash. The goal here is to constantly be in motion lớn build momentum & get the drop on enemies before reacting.

Flow và movement are big draws in this game, with its kích hoạt described as a "gun ballet." You tap on enemies to shoot at them, but there"s a bit of strategy built-in, thanks to lớn the fact that enemies will fire at you on individual timers. Taking out the enemies about to lớn act first is your vị trí cao nhất priority since you have only three health, no shields, và no way khổng lồ regain life throughout levels.

Ripe for Revenge feels pretty great to lớn play và delivers on the entertainment factor, but it may be frustrating for some players. Environmental hazards can be tricky to maneuver, & the màn chơi of challenge is occasionally quite challenging. That said, Ripe for Revenge is free-to-play, so you can try it before you buy. If you choose to purchase the full trò chơi for $2.99, you unlock an extra mode & the ability khổng lồ restart your progress at level checkpoints rather than going straight back to cấp độ 1 when you die.

My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge

Welcome to the gun ballet, everyone. Grab your Uzis, get to lớn wall jumping, và pirouette your way through a whole bunch of baddies if you dare.

Another excellent trò chơi that made its way khổng lồ Android, Thumper: Pocket Edition, is one of the weirdest gaming experiences you can have on your phone. It"s a rhythm game, or "rhythm violence," as the developers điện thoại tư vấn it, filled with intense speed and grueling monster battles.

Thumper also contains elements of fear, a constant sense of impending dread, as you hurtle forward and trust in your reflexes. However, with the incredible soundtrack pounding in your ears, Thumper is sure lớn give a euphoria unlike any other. Despite the creepy and sometimes eldritch set pieces, Thumper"s premise is simple: you"re a space beetle trying to destroy a floating head.

There are nine levels for you to lớn enjoy, a new game+ mode that increases the challenge and speed, and the original soundtrack I mentioned. It"s $5 well-spent, complete with a constant và smooth framerate. However, the developers warn that wireless headphones showroom significant audio latency, so use your phone"s or tablet"s speakers or wired headphones if you can.

Hurtle forward at blistering tốc độ as you take on the role of a space beetle. Enjoy the gorgeous design, excellent soundtrack, & addicting game play while you"re at it.