This is the Android tablet I’d consider for getting work done on the go, but there are a few downsides.

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The Galaxy Tab S7 FE almost gives other Android tablets a run for their money.Photo: Florence Ion /
The Galaxy Tab S7 FE is Samsung’s lachạy thử Android tablet, & it’s solidly mid-range compared lớn last year’s Galaxy Tab S7+. But the added DeX capabilities make it just as usable as a Chromebook, plus it boasts a big, beautiful screen.

I keep waffling back và forth on whether I’d switch lớn an Android tablet to lớn work on the go. My biggest gripe has long been the interface, which is typically like an Android phone splayed out on a larger display. That’s why I’ve always preferred using Chromebooks with Google’s Chrome OS solution. But Samsung seems khổng lồ have sầu figured it out with its DeX interface, và I’m no longer interested in carrying around a traditional laptop now that I know an Android tablet could help me get some things done.

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Middle-of-the-road performance, not all apps are optimized, keyboard folio isn’t included in the price

The Screen Is the Selling Point

Android smartphones are already plenty large. If you’re thinking of an Android tablet, you might want an even bigger screen, & that’s precisely the reason you’d piông xã the Galaxy Tab S7 FE. I tested the 5G version of the tablet on T-di động, which costs $670. There’s also a wi-fi version available starting at $530.


The Tab S7 FE’s 12.4-inch display with 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution is one of the largest displays you can get on an Android tablet. It’s the same sized screen as last year’s Galaxy Tab S7+, though it’s LCD instead of OLED. Regardless, it’s bold and bright, và with a 16:10 ratio display panel, it’s made for đoạn phim or multitasking with two apps side by side. The speakers are also plenty capable, as I tested by jamming out to Spotify.

The Tab S7 FE’s only major drawbaông xã is that the display has a refresh rate of just 60Hz—which is not all that surprising considering the price, but Lenovo is launching its Tab P12 Pro with a 120Hz refresh rate later this fall starting at $610. You can also spkết thúc the extra $200 on the Galaxy Tab S7+. Depending on the content you like lớn consume, it can make a difference. The lower refresh rate pays off in battery life, but more on that in a minute.

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Samsung DeX on this tablet device looks and acts just lượt thích Chrome OS. Photo: Florence Ion /
The Galaxy Tab S7 FE comes with the S Pen. Photo: Florence Ion /
The S Pen docks on the back of the device near the rear-facing camera bump. Photo: Florence Ion /
There’s also a special place for the S Pen on the inside of the Book Cover folio case. Photo: Florence Ion /
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The keyboard on the Book Cover case is quite comfortable, though it’s prone to finger grease.Photo: Florence Ion /
There is a power button and volume rocker on the top, or side, of the tablet device.Photo: Florence Ion /
The Galaxy Tab S7 FE is best when paired with the optional $160 Book Cover Keyboard. Though it adds extra lớn the cost of the tablet, it’s a necessity if you have any intention of getting work done with the Tab S7 FE. The Book Cover Keyboard features an embedded doông xã for the tablet’s included S Pen, and the keyboard is comfortable enough for long bouts of typing. The keys are flat & tiny compared lớn my mechanical keyboard, but I could still eke out 105 words per minute in a typing test. Since the Tab S7 FE has DeX, there are shortcuts also printed onto each of the keys.

The Galaxy Tab S7 FE has a few other features worth mentioning. The 8-megapixel rear-facing camera và 5-MP. front-facing camera—placed in the middle of the longer over of the tablet rather than in portrait mode, like on the iPad—are definitely acceptable for the occasional video gọi. The front-facing camera pReview is better looking than the webcam bundled inkhổng lồ some Windows laptops. The Tab S7 FE also uses facial recognition to lớn unloông chồng the device, which is fast in most instances. There is no embedded fingerprint reader on this device.

Outstanding Battery Life

Besides a great screen, the Galaxy Tab S7 FE’s other major selling point is that it boasts excellent battery life. In’s battery rundown chạy thử, the Tab S7 FE’s 10,090 mAh battery lasted a whopping 12 hours & 23 minutes. That’s several hours more than the 12.9-inch máy tính bảng ipad Pro. It also outlasted the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ by about four hours and the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite by about an hour. Anecdotally, I left the tablet on standby over Labor Day weekend & came baông chồng khổng lồ nary a few percent used up.

The Galaxy Tab S7 FE’s performance is solid, though the specs have sầu me a bit concerned about how future-proofed this device is for the long-term. The tablet is powered by a SnapLong 750G, a mid-range processor with an Adreno 619 GPU. (Samsung sent me the 5G version for Đánh Giá. The wifi version has a Qualcomilimet SM7325 chipphối.) It packs only 4GB of RAM, and as a person who has been living with at least 12GB of RAM in OnePlus’s last two flagship phones, I’m not sure this tablet can keep up.

Benchmarks added to lớn my concerns. The tablet’s 1801 score on Geekbench 5 was only slightly better than the 4-year-old Snaprồng 845. Graphics benchmarks were middling, as well.

But you can still use the Tab S7 FE to lớn get things done, regardless of synthetic benchmark results. In DeX mode, I quickly transferred a small batch of RAW photo lớn files off a massive SD thẻ via an adapter khổng lồ the tablet’s internal storage. I added them to lớn my Lightroom library and had no issues while adding và adjusting edits. I even perused Adobe Spark lớn see if there were any animated flyers I wanted to lớn reset & was pleased there were no noticeable slowdowns due lớn the dynamic elements. It’s nice lớn know I could get some basics done out on the road with the Tab S7 FE despite how underwhelming it seems on paper.