How does dual SIM work và what will be its use? For your work or during a trip abroad it will be very practical khổng lồ have a second SIM thẻ in your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. We will find out in this article how dual SIM works & the interests. Then we will see how to lớn activate the dual SIM or dual SIM functionality in your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

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How to lớn set up dual SIM on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge?

Sometimes the second SIM will not be activated after being inserted. You will need to lớn activate this SIM for it to lớn work. For that, you just have khổng lồ respect the following tutorial;Open the settings of your Samsung Galaxy S6 EdgeAnd then click on one of the options below:Connections after that on SIM thẻ manageror SIM cards and mobile networksor Mobile data networks after that on SIM card managementAnd then click on the SIM thẻ to activate, usually they will be activated by defaultIf you are looking for other solutions on your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, you can explore the tutorials in the category: Samsung Galaxy Edge S6.
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