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It's a repeat of the 2018 AFF Championship final, a repeat of the 2022 World Cup qualification, Malaysia & Vietnam just could not be separated these days and the two meet again in a mouthwatering Group B clash of the 2020 AFF Suzuki Cup.

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Vietnam is the one big stumbling block for tung Cheng Hoe và Harimau Malaya in Southeast Asia with the Golden Dragons remaining unbeaten in all of the last five meeting between the two sides & proving khổng lồ be a tough nut khổng lồ crack.

Victory for either side will be absolutely vital in determining the top two teams in the group who will take their place in the knockout stage with both sides still lớn face another tough challenger in the group in Indonesia.

While Vietnam has come out on top in this fixture in recent times, there hasn't been much to separate the two teams and it likely khổng lồ be a closely-fought affair in Singapore.

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Match details





12 Dec 2021

Bishan Stadium

TV Channel and Live Streaming


Astro (TV và stream)

RTM (TV Okey, MyFreeView)


Squad news

Vietnam had the day off on MD2 of Group B and will be fresher of the two sides with captain Que Ngoc nhị expected to lớn return khổng lồ the starting line-up for this match having been rested in the win over Laos on Monday. Likewise chief creator of the side Nguyen Quang nhị should also resume starting duties for the Golden Dragons.

Akhyar Rashid, Quentin Cheng, Khairulazhan Khalid và Faisal Halim remain under quarantine with Junior Eldstal also looking doubtful which would mean rã Cheng Hoe will continue khổng lồ count on the improving partnership of Baddrol Bakhtiar and Mukhairi Ajmal in central midfield.

What the coaches said

Park Hang-seo

“We know Malaysia are one of the best teams in the competition & they have made a lot of changes khổng lồ the team compared to lớn the time we played them in the World Cup qualifier in June. We haven't lost lớn them in the last six games but that is in the past now.

"The result is all that matters not how we perform. So as long as we win, I won't care how well or bad we played."

Tan Cheng Hoe

“We have lớn focus on the transition because every time during the transition, we get caught when playing against them. We have analysed the game và hopefully my players can stay focused during the transition between attack and defence.

"Every coach plans khổng lồ win every game. Vietnam has the advantage because they have an extra day of rest. Hopefully my players recover fast because we have played twice and in the afternoon. Most importantly we have lớn be focused & don’t concede silly through mistakes.”