VOS 3.0 Beta shows Vsmart"s efforts in refreshing the software interface & adding useful features.

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On the evening of April 5, VinSmart has released the VOS 3.0 Beta update for Vsmart Live and some other devices. If VOS 1 & 2 have sầu not made much impression on users, it can be considered VOS 3.0 as a comprehensive sầu makeover & a great step of Vsmart in creating unique values ​​for its products.

In this article, we will review the features và interface changes of VOS 3.0 Beta 1 on Vsmart Live.Note: Because this is only the first beta, so the feature may be changed on the official version.

Android 10 with gesture navigation

VOS 3.0 is based on Google"s lakiểm tra Android 10 platsize. This allows VOS 3.0 lớn inherit a number of features such as gesture navigation, improved tiện ích permissions control, better privacy protection, Dark Mode .



The main screen (homescreen) is completely new

The main screen of VOS 3.0 is a completely new launcher with colorful icon sets. The danh sách of applications (App Drawer) is also different when the user will scroll horizontally into lớn each page, instead of scrolling vertically as before.



A small detail is worth noting that the weather widget of VOS 3.0 has built-in air unique index AQI (Air Quality Index) - an index that Vietnamese people care about but almost no smartphone manufacturer has integrated it. go to the weather widget.


VOS 3.0 comes with several wallpapers in a flat và minimacác mục thiết kế style, including some Vietnamese landscape wallpapers, which both enhance the traditional but still very modern look.

In case users vị not lượt thích the mặc định interface of VOS 3.0, they can fully customize it through VinSmart"s theme store (Themes).

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The application interface is updated with a unisize design language

Nearly all applications are more or less changed interface. In it, one thing we realized was the use of large, bold fonts as the title of the application, very similar khổng lồ the way Apple designed iOS.

Some small details of the VOS 3.0 interface have sầu also been changed, such as icons on the status bar, the volume control bar or the animation when the user plugged in the charger .

New applications: Weather, VinSmart Browser, Clear junk .

Despite the rather odd name "Vsmart Info", the weather application of VOS 3.0 has a relatively easy-to-use interface, but is still full of details in case users need khổng lồ follow up.

In particular, as mentioned above sầu, this application has built-in air chất lượng index AQI, helping users vì not need to install additional applications such as AirVisual. Weather data of VOS 3.0 weather application is provided by AccuWeather.

Included with VOS 3.0 is the VinSmart Browser application. It is based on the Chromium core & has an interface quite similar khổng lồ Google Chrome, but with Adblock integration. However, at the present time, we realize that VinSmart Browser is still relatively sketchy, & maybe users still use Google Chrome or other famous browser applications while waiting for VinSmart lớn complete.

Meeting the needs of many Android users who are always looking for garbage applications lớn increase machine performance, VinSmart has built such an application inkhổng lồ VOS 3.0. This application can clean junk files, temporary files, increase RAM space và scan for security threats.

Currently, VOS 3.0 is still being tested by VinSmart with a limited group of users, and the official version will be released in the near future.