Located on Nguyen Hue Street which is a hustle and bustle walking street, shopping and entertainment center of the city, Saigon Garden Mall with its green design và beautiful decoration is an ideal place to relax, enjoy great foods và drinks, cửa hàng for clothes, accessories, souvenirs in Ho bỏ ra Chi Minh City. Although Saigon Garden Mall is not as large as other shopping malls in Ho bỏ ra Minh City, its elegant, creative & eco-friendly interior & exterior design as well as the good location make it worth visiting.

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General information

Address: 99 Nguyen Hue Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho chi Minh City

Opening hours: 7:00 am - 11:00 pm, daily


Grand opening day: 22nd December 2015

Green spaces

The big part of this mall is perhaps outdoor và indoor green spaces. Mini gardens cover the mall, Green trees và plants are everywhere in the mall so that it is named Saigon Garden. Visitors can see the modern green facade of the building và a gardens in front of the building. Trees và plants in pots, plants in hangers and wall mounted pot are abundant on every level of the building, in the balconies, on the walls, around entrances, windows. An area has glass roof which ensure the trees và under the roof get enough natural lights.


Green plants & vines on the facade of Saigon Garden Mall make it stunning. 2 famous coffee cửa hàng brands Starbucks and The Coffee Bean và Tea Leaf has both indoor và outdoor spaces


The air well is decorated with lines of pots of nice plants such as donkey tail, devils ivy và lights


Every corner including elevator waiting areas are decorated with green trees and plants

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The building of Saigon Garden Mall has a chất lượng architecture which is totally different from the neighboring buildings on Nguyen Hue Street so that it attracts most of the passengers.

Saigon Garden Mall comprises many neighboring old houses on Nguyen Hue, Huynh Thuc Khang, Ho Tung Mau, Ngo Duc Ke Streets which are upgraded & rehabilitated. Some of the old houses have old Saigons architecture which was inspired by French architecture. The others have modern architecture, with glass and steel windows. In the past, each house opened for business separately. Now they were made to be all in one. From outside, it is a mall with a glass facade. Entering the mall, visitors are surprised by the small street lined with stores, restaurants và cafes housed in beautiful houses. Many visitors feel like being in Western countries.


Old houses in ancient style in white màu sắc on the street that are full of trees và plants (golden cane palm, taro, Peace lily) in pots & hangers and trees decorated with lighting strings


The narrow path lined with cafes, restaurants và stores, green trees & plants on the first level


In addition, Saigon Garden Mall is decorated dedicatedly and eye-catching. As mentioned above, this environmentally-friendly mall is decorated with thousands of green plants and trees. Twinkle light ropes are hung and rolled around trees, light balls are hung above. The mall owns lots of nice và spectacular ceiling lightnings. There are many areas tiled with wood which makes the atmosphere warm. All stores, restaurants và cafes are designed & decorated luxuriously and fashionably.


The building looks majestic at night thanks lớn decoration lights


Lines of plant hangers make the mall green, eco-friendly & elegant

Amenities và services

The modern air condition system helps to control the humidity & temperature in Saigon Garden Mall. The lightning system ensures the indoor area is well lightened. There is a motorbike parking in front of the mall, with a small fee.

The staffs are well-trained và very friendly, some of them can speak Engligh. Security guards are around lớn make sure everything is ok & their customers are safe. The staffs wear uniforms looking lượt thích Saigon people in the past.

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Reception at Saigon Garden Mall


On Ho chi Minh city Shopping Tour by Motorbike, Tracys team does not take you lớn shopping centers và markets for tourists but less-known shopping places where you can buy souvenirs, foods, clothes, accessories and others.


Floor plan: 1st level: blackyard frozen yogurt & desserts, eve flower; 2nd level: store, 3rd level: store, sneakers, barbershop; 4th level: haan restaurannt và cafe

Saigon Garden Mall is a complex of fashion and accessories stores, souvenir shops, cafes, restaurants. Saigon Garden has 4 floors, divided into 2 sections as following:

1st floor

Visitors can see the sign boards of Starbucks Coffee and The Coffee Bean và Tea Leaf from outside the mall. Sitting at these cafes, visitors can not only enjoy the flavorful beverages & healthy food items. Poinsettia The 2 high flower beds of poinsettias are in front of the 2 coffee shops.

The lobby is designed elegantly & a great place khổng lồ take a rest & wait for your partners. Flower shops with lots of colorful & sweet smelling flowers make the floor stunning. 2 famous Starbuck và The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf which can be seen from outside are perhaps the most crowded cafes in the mall.

The area in the middle of Saigon Garden Mall looks like a small street, lined with Western restaurants, fashion stores, decor shops, souvenir shops housed in old houses. The street has green trees, vintage lampposts, direction boards, benches and wood floor.


Flower siêu thị with thousands of smelling and colorful fresh flowers such as roses, lilies, orchids, daisies, etc.

2nd, 3rd, 4th floor

On the higher floors are located restaurants & cafes serving menus of Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese cuisines, stalls selling snacks and bars.


Restaurant & cà phê on the highest floor of Saigon Garden Mall is furnished with wood dining tables & chairs. Diners can choose to lớn sit indoor or in the airy balcony.


View of the apartment building at 42 Nguyen Hue which is known as the coffe apartment building from the highest floor of Saigon Garden Mall